Rakt Seva Kendra

निःशुल्क एवं निःस्वार्थ भाव से सेवा

Raise funds for saving the world from global warming

  • Raised ₹50,000
  • Goal ₹500,000


The most precious gift that one can give to another person is the gift of life i.e. blood. It is the essence of life.

Your blood saves more than one life when it is separated into its components (red blood cells, plasma etc.).

Blood is needed regularly for patients with diseases such as thalassemia and hemophilia, and also for the treatment of injuries after an accident, major surgeries, anemia, etc.

It improves your health.

About Cause

There are several ways to serve the society. Of all, those that contribute in saving lives are the most noble. Blood donation is the one of them.

Every year many people lose their life because they do not receive blood when needed. Thus, connecting the blood donors to the needy people is extremely vital. ‘raktsevak’ mobile App is designed to serve this purpose. It tends to make this process easier and more accessible for everyone. This App is developed by Dr Hedgewar Janm Stabdi Seva Samiti (Vadodara), which has more than 4000 donors registered with them. In order to make the contact more comfortable and easy between the donors and the seekers this App has been introduced.

It is easy to request blood through ‘raktsevak’ App. In case of any medical treatment, emergency; upon request it shows donors near the location. These donors can be called. If by any reason the donors are not able to come, one can look for more donors. Also, the donors can join with very simple registration form. If by any reason one is not able to donate blood anytime, one can choose to make oneself unavailable for donation. The App is absolutely free and simple to use.

  • Request blood
  • Shows donors nearer to patient Location
  • Shows near by Blood banks if no donors available
  • Call donors
  • Say Thank you to donors
  • Donor registration
  • Make yourself unavailable to donate
  • Call seeker ( the person who need blood
  • Share blood request with others
  • Share blood request with others
  • Give your feedback for the Seeker
  • See the direction for the location on map


  • One unit of donated blood can save up to three lives.
  • You can donate blood every three months. It only takes 48 hours for your body fluids to be completely replenished.
  • Scientists have estimated the volume of blood in the human body to be eight percent of body weight.
  • There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in an adult human body.
  • A red blood cell can make a complete circuit of your body in 30 seconds.
  • White blood cells make up about 1% of your blood.
Donation Hotline:

+62 142 141265

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About Cause

  • Medical Care
  • Health Food
  • Education
  • Pure Water
  • Ecology