Mobile Medical Van

Mobile Hospital Van for remote villages to provide timely medication & support


Mobile Medical Despensary/Ambulance for remote tribal villagers suffer problems due to lack of proper local medical unit.


Remote tribal villages, villagers suffer problems due to lack of proper local medical unit.
They have to go too far towards the cities for having medication. To combat this lack of
facility, Mobile Hospital Van in remote villages providing timely medication to them in their
own local area nearby their homes

About Cause

Sensing that Medicare is the most important component of village life. There are persons who are too
vulnerable and old to visit hospital for treatment & are too poor to afford it. It hence, becomes
necessary to bring medical facilities at their doorsteps or nearby areas. This tragedy of old age magnifies
in proportion, if elderly person is financially poor. He not only faces neglect of family, but does not
receive proper nutrition, medical facilities & various things necessary in twilight years of life. Considering
the size of population, who cannot afford medical treatment, this number can drop by penetrate deeper
into the society. Since a social worker always accompanies Mobile Medical Van , wide reaching effects
can be created through medical & other kinds of care.

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+62 142 141265

About Cause