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Why small charities struggle to raise funds

“Dr. Hedgewar Janma Shatabdi Seva Samiti” Vadodara is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization
inspired by the noble tradition of service before self, working for promoting voluntaries in Gujarat, Vadodara especially among children, youth, women and energetic senior

providing relief to the affected during calamities, natural and /or man-made, and rehabilitating them; Remote Tribal Communities & Urban Slum Residents. Education, Health, Skill Development, Rural Development & Communal Harmony, Social Awareness& integration are the main areas of work. Also promote cultural and moral value systems in the society; and aiming to see happiness and well-being in everyone, everywhere and at all times.

We introduces ourselves as a Trust. “Dr. Hedgewar Janma Shatabti Seva Samiti” which is a non-government, non-political, non-profiting voluntary organization established in the year 1989 and then registered under Societies Registration Act-XXI of 1860 in the year 2003-2004 bearing Registration No. E/4001/Vadodara. The society has also been registered with the Commissioner of Income Tax and certificate of Registration under section 12AA has been received and the trust/society continues to be registered before the Income Tax Authorities. The trust has also been granted exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Since its inception, the organization has been devoting its skill knowledge and commitment to the society with a group of experienced selfless social workers.

The major thrust of the organization is to bring about transformation in the socio-economic condition of deprived, underprivileged and of the population at extreme end of the society through sustained efforts carried out continuously. The organization undertakes activities like orphanages for tribal children; education through establishing schools and hostels in the remote and tribal areas. The organization also aims at goal of “health for all” through establishing mobile dispensary which move far and wide and reach otherwise inaccessible remote villages and scarcely populated areas. The mobile dispensary along with doctors and medical kit move in the area and visit the location once or twice in a week depending upon need and population. Mobile dispensary is equipped with basic medicines which are administered and case record is maintained. This effort has helped in long way and number of people benefiting from it is ever increasing. Upon examination if it transpires that further attention is required by the patient the case is referred to nearby hospital. The medicines administered are mainly Ayurvedic medicines. Results as mentioned are encouraging and over the years the numbers of patients have increased substantially. In many areas the local population anxiously awaits the arrival of the Mobile Dispensary. All the medicines given are free and no charges are recovered from any patient. The trust/society is also running a small hostel for the most deprived section of the society and intends to expand the activities. The demands for the hostel facilities are every increasing and the organizers/trustees are on many occasions with heavy heart required to deny further admission. These facilities are provided free of cost and all the expenditure is taken up by the trust only. The admission process is very strict and only the most needy and deserving is accommodated.

Our Vision

“Dr. Hedgewar Janma Shatabdi Seva Samiti” as a non-profit, would live in a world of equality, where everyone is happy, enjoys good health, has equal growth opportunities and lives in balance with nature. In the event of any disaster as well as regular course of life, Sewa will be called in and be among the first to serve.

Our Mission

Through the four pillars of Health, Education, Community Engagement and Social Empowerment through self-reliance, “Dr. Hedgewar Janma Shatabdi Seva Samiti” believes that this could be achieved by inspiring and motivating the fellow brethren to volunteer and serve their society and also by bringing together inspired souls to work together.

Our Team

Dattabhai Salunke



Hariharbhai Bhatt



Baldevbhai Prajapati



Vinay Bhosekar

Vinay Bhosekar